“The store was exceptionally clean, and gave the appearance that the customer's clothing and accessories were very well cared for by the establishment. Upon entering the store, there was a large lobby area that was immaculate, as were the three counters. The shirt [being picked up] was clean and wrinkle free, unlike the way it was presented at the drop-off. It had been lightly pressed, per my request, and looked brand new. The shirt was bright and crisp, as if I had just purchased it. The three little ketchup stains were gone, and it was immaculate.”

“I dropped off a winter coat that was missing a button. The hood of the coat had a fake fur trim that, in previous dry-cleaning, had never been removed. But at this cleaners, they removed the trim from the hood before cleaning. When I received the coat, it was cleaned and pressed with no impressions, and hung with the zipper zipped all the way up. The button on the hood had been replaced, and the hood was buttoned onto the coat. The fur trim had been sewn professionally."

“I would definitely use this cleaners again, as I felt they took great pride in their work. The cost may have been a little bit more, but the results were outstanding and worth the extra amount. I liked the professionalism and attention to detail that I don't often find at other cleaners. This personal care of my clothing rated very high with me, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional cleaners.”
329 E. Gregory Blvd. (Brookside/Waldo area) Kansas City, MO 816-444-7774      |      12671 Metcalf (Overland Park) Kansas City, MO 913-345-1112